Common Information on Link Building

08 August 2021
Amber Zia
Common Information on Link Building

Anyone with a website is supposed to gain backlinks through professional ways instead of manipulative tactics. But if you lack basic knowledge of links, it’s better to read on it first. This blog actually sheds light on what backlinks are and erases misconceptions in this matter. 

If Google cares about backlinks, so should you. 


White Hat Link Building Techniques

The people who could not adapt to the increasingly changing guidelines and high demands of details, skills, tools, and dedication have lost in the game of link building. The crucial regulations for link building are permanently relevant guidelines for the professional mindset of practical link building. 

Numerous debates have been made on backlinks being the ranking factor or not. A lot of SEOs usually prioritize keywords, on-page SEO, and content. They ignored backlinks as they think they know everything there is to know about it. But do they? The links in Denmark are a great example of professional backlinks. 

Google has confirmed that backlinks are crucial. 

In fact, Google says it’s the first ranking factor apart from content. It is almost impossible to rank on Google or any other search engine without backlinks. It is even incompetent to attempt to rank without links. 


A link is a connection from A to B

A hyperlink is a connection between the master website to the targeted page. For a long time, SEOs were fixated on seeing the PageRank or other factors of the linking page. But LRT is the only tool that considers the source of the link and the targeted page during the examining of risk and value of links. 

The evolution of link building


Link Building is a professional SEO practice now with so many online tools and resources to create and analyze links. However, only the truly successful website owners know that instead of focusing on the number of backlinks, only quality should be considered.